3D Printing

Researchers at ETH Zurich have 3D printed a microscale version of Michelangelo’s David using a special 3D printing technique.

Michelangelo’s original statue of David is among the world’s most famous pieces of art.

Now, researchers have created two tiny copper versions of the – originally 5.17 m tall – marble sculpture — a 1 mm tall David and a second one, which is even ten times smaller (0.1 mm).

Both statues were created using a 3D-printing technique developed by ETH Zurich Professor Tomaso Zambelli, together with a team lead by Giorgio Ercolano from Exaddon, using the company’s CERES additive micro-manufacturing system, which is capable of printing complex and pure metal objects at the micrometer scale and with submicrometer

Source: All3dp.com.   To read more about this story, visit: https://all3dp.com/4/scientists-3d-print-microscopic-copper-version-of-david-statue/

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